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Chimichanga: a spot of sunshine for a chilli, cheesy Christmas

Chimichanga: Unit 4 Xscape MK, 602 Marlborough Gate, Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire, MK9 3XA
Nothing like Mexican food on pre-Christmas Eve in chav-central, is there? Fortunately, Chimichanga in Xscape makes you forget all that. The staff at Chimichanga’s are from everywhere but Mexico but are friendly, pleasant and efficient in seating and providing you with menus. Our waitress also very kindly turned down the air conditioning unit so we didn’t freeze. The menu is wide ranging, though fairly stereotypical British-Mexican, including calamari, chicken wings and potato skins for starters, along with the more special chilli foccacia or pastry stuffed with chorizo and cheese. Mains include the classic burritos, fajitas, toastadas and tacos but also salads, paella, steaks and grilled fish, burgers and wraps.
To start, we shared the nachos with salsa and guacamole. While supposedly for one person, it was a generous portion and we fought our way through the little mountains of nachos. The salsa was spicy and chunky, the guacamole cool and creamy, though both came in less than adequate portions for the number of nachos.
The main course of chicken fajitas are some of the best chain Mexican food I’ve had. Served on a fiery slate skillet, tender strips of chargrilled chicken are accompanied with peppers and onions, all cooked perfectly. A stack of pillowy tortillas sat in the middle of the table, along with palm-size pots of salsa, guacamole and sour cream. All were delicious, especially together!
The dessert was less impressive. Coconut cream pie actually turned out to be a rather synthetic-looking coconut cheesecake, not the “silky coconut cream set in a biscuit crunchy shell” as the menu had promised. The biscuit base was chewy as opposed to crunchy and the only coconut we could taste was from the coconut shards on top. Not worth trying and certainly not worth £5.25.
Chimichanga’s main courses are value for money but by the time you’ve added starters, dessert (well, maybe) and drinks, you might find yourself questioning whether it was worth the price staring up at you from your bill. For the mains, I’d say it was. It doesn’t match up to some of the higher end Mexican or street food that you can fin (Chimichanga’s is blander and more predictable) but it’s a wonderfully casual, fresh and friendly place to enjoy and generous plate of food.
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