not into karma? how about banana karma?

inSpiral, Camden High Street, London

inSpiral is a food company and cafe that specialises in gourmet and organic food is very popular with people who have specialist diets. All their food is created freshly behind their cafe counter from juices and smoothies (though you find these in the fridge so they aren’t made to order) to their main dishes, salads and ice creams. Everything is also vegan-friendly.

Today, I popped in to sample a smoothie. Banana Karma has to be one of the best names I have found stamped on a menu. It consists of banana, cashews, dates, vanilla essence and cacao and rice milk. Sounds interesting, doesn’t it? Like many smoothies, it wasn’t the most appetising of colours and was rather pricey too, at £2.95 for what looked like roughly 80z.

But the lowdown is in the liquid, right? It was a great consistency, thick without being too sticky or gloopy. The banana was the strongest flavour, but you could taste the dates and cashews and the vanilla essence lifted the whole taste, keeping it light. The cashews lurked further down the spectrum, subtle but giving it a nutty undercurrent. Needless to say my glass was empty pretty quickly, though that may have been to the small serving…

I won’t pay £2.95 again for it but I will go back to inSpiral I think to sample the food; given other reviews and it’s popularity I think there maybe something special hiding in there too. The truffles and chocolates are also great for gifts.

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